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CALI SELECT SOCCER was established in 2008. It is a competitive soccer club that is committed to the development, and growth of our soccer players. CALI SELECT SOCCER’s experienced coaches use innovative training methods to develop the physical, and mental abilities of our soccer players. As Calis we value Integrity, Commitment, and Courage on and off the soccer field.  We are committed to making an impact on our youth and community.


Our mission is to provide a healthy, competitive environment that will challenge our athletes to become highly skilled soccer players, and citizens. Our training techniques aim to teach our soccer players hard work, team work, and to help them achieve their highest potential of skill in competitive soccer.

Our core values of integrity, commitment, and honor continue to be our driving force towards coaching and mentoring the youth in our community. Our club is dedicated to helping under privileged youth in LA, East LA, and San Gabriel Valley areas the opportunity to change their lives through soccer and mentorship. 

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Training Programs

Provide detailed descriptions of Foothill Superliga’s training programs, both recreational and competitive. Include information on target age groups, session frequency, and the skills emphasized.

Specialized Coaches:

Highlight the experience and credentials of the coaching staff. Include brief biographies of each head coach and their training philosophies.

Facilities and Equipment

Describe the facilities and equipment available for player development. This could include training fields, gyms, playing areas, etc.

Academic Guidance

If the academy offers academic counseling services for players, mention it. This could include tutoring programs or partnerships with local schools.

Special Events and Camps

Highlight any special events, tournaments, or soccer camps organized by the academy. Provide details on how players can participate.

Player Development

Explain how the academy focuses on the holistic development of players, not just technical skills but also values such as teamwork, discipline, and respect.

League and Tournament Participation

Showcase Foothill Superliga’s participation in leagues and tournaments and how it contributes to the players’ competitive development.


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